Department of Computing and Information Systems

Information Security Research

The University of Melbourne has an outstanding research capability in Information Security. We bring together leading researchers with expertise in both management and technology aspects of information security to address modern challenges facing industry. Our management academics have both research and professional consulting expertise in risk, strategy, policy, culture, and knowledge protection. Our technology researchers have strengths in intrusion detection systems, firewall systems, cryptography, privacy, machine-learning, and game theoretic approaches to security.

Chris Leckie

Prof. Chris Leckie

caleckie (at)

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Atif Ahmad

Dr. Atif Ahmad

atif (at)

Information Security Management:

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Vanessa Teague

Dr. Vanessa Teague

vjteague (at)

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Research Projects

Benjamin Rubinstein

Dr. Benjamin Rubinstein

benjamin.rubinstein (at)

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Sean Maynard

Dr. Sean Maynard

Sean.Maynard (at)

Information Security Management

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Rachelle Bosua

Dr. Rachelle Bosua

rachelle.bosua (at)

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Research Projects

Shanton Chang

A.Prof. Shanton Chang

shanton.chang (at)

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Udaya Parampalli

A.Prof. Udaya Parampalli

udaya (at)

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Jeb Webb

Dr. Jeb Webb

jeb.webb (at)

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Heidi Tscherning

Dr. Heidi Tscherning

Heidi.Tscherning (at)

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Toby Murray

Dr. Toby Murray



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Dr. X



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  2. Master of Information Systems - for excellence in IT management
  3. Melbourne School of Graduate Research - for prospective PhD students